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Kelly Corlett

Kelly Corlett

Beautiful reflections from Kelly Corlett. Thank you Kelly!

The best gift I’ve given myself was attending Quest for Life.  I’m a slow learner and unfortunately needed the terrifying jolt of breast cancer to ‘bring me to my senses’.  I had not been living MY best life and had ignored my own needs and desires.

My time at Quest left me excited and exhilarated to live a better life.  A more fulfilling and meaningful life.  As Petrea’s book says – “Your Life Matters – we are not here by accident, we are not a mistake.  We are not here for the kids, a career, the mortgage.  We are here to make the journey of our lives and it matters more than the destination.

I met some beautifully brave and inspiring people that I will never forget. The facilitators are compassionate and passionate in their delivery.  One poem that was read by Noella has stayed with me – “Blessed be the longing that brought you here, and quickens your soul with wonder.  May you have the courage to listen to the voices of desire that disturb you when you have settled for something safe.”

I had quite a few light bulb moments.  As each hour of each day unfolded exquisite pearls of wisdom would be divulged and I clutched these close to my heart, hungry for their sustenance.

I can’t say my life as such has changed since doing the course (it has only been a few weeks!) but my outlook on life has.  Instead of worrying continually about the cancer coming back, I spend more time on what I can do to “fluff ME up” and also live to MY full potential.  It’s incredibly exciting when the whole world opens up for YOU.

Am I happy I was diagnosed with breast cancer? No.  Would I have made these changes without it happening?  Probably not, although there was always a quiet yearning, I was ‘too busy’ to listen or MY needs were never important enough to listen to.  This course has given me a much healthier respect for myself and that it is crucial for me to look after my body, my mind and my spirit.  I am responsible and I am worth it.

I wholeheartedly recommend Petrea King’s Quest for Life courses as it will enrich your life.  If you are fortunate enough you will hear Petrea or Wendie speak and they are truly inspirational.  If there is one ‘tool’ that I picked up and hope never to put down from the course, it would be ‘coming to your senses’, or meditating.  Stopping for moments in time so you can just BE.  It’s those moments when you can really hear your own heart’s desires.


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"All this just by meditating"

“All this just by meditating”

I had so much fun participating in the “Healing your Life” residential program and meeting all the other brave, wonderful participants who helped me so much. Thanks everyone for the laughs, tears and encouragement! It has had a profound life changing effect on me!!!

I wake up smiling every day! I’m shocked! Now my daily ritual, after a sound nights sleep is meditate rather than medicate followed by the occasional “CTMS”.  I’m really surprised by how it has worked for me.

My involvement with the Quest for Life Foundation, meditation and a desire to live life to the fullest, has led me to eliminate my sleeping pills, anti-depressants and sedatives. I don’t take anything and plan to keep myself this way!

My attitude is; “Everyday is my gift to myself so live life to the fullest!”

I also now realise that drugs simply mask the behaviour but meditation helps mould the behaviour without the side effects.

Also, Petrea King’s philosophy on life just makes so much sense and has empowered me to make the big changes that I wanted. I give myself regular top ups of her wisdom via the podcasts on the website with the discussion on spirituality being the most profound for me.

I’ve handed Quest for Life brochures to my GP and psychiatrist. My doctor who I have been seeing for over twenty years commented “All this, just by meditating!”

Thank you Petrea and the team at Quest for Life. My challenge now is to maintain my new lifestyle and enjoy!

With love and loads of rainbows,

Yvonne xxx

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Coming Home - there's nothing like it

Coming Home – there’s nothing like it

Coming home after a holiday you breathe in, you’re in your own space, it’s familiar yet we see it with different eyes. We can relax spread out, Let down and breathe…

I love coming home after a program at Quest or after any retreat.  Yet I remind myself there are so many chances to ‘come home’ to myself all day long.

On the program, throughout the day we ‘come to our senses’, we do mini meditations which bring us back home to ourselves: to the peaceful, unchanging part of ourselves that is so ever present that we miss it.

To be reminded of this and to live the experience of it for a few days is life changing.   We have great food, friendly staff, and a beautiful environment, fresh mountain air – come to Quest and you will feel like you have come home!

See you there!


Bernadette Arena

Bernadette Arena

Bernadette Arena

Bernadette has worked with the Quest for Life Foundation since early 2006 and is the Senior Facilitator on our residential programs.  Her work is treasured by our participants and our team. She has also been developing and refining a deep understanding of the use of appropriate yoga and meditation approaches for use in oncology and with serious illness.

Bernadette maintains close association with International Yoga Teachers Association and is a senior lecturer for their Teacher Training Course.  She has designed and delivered yoga teacher training courses for other organisations.  During 5 years in the UK she taught retreats, workshops and classes across the UK and in Europe and worked as a personal ‘lifestyle’ coach.  Bernadette brings a gentle and loving nature with insight and compassion borne out of her experience. She can assist a deeper connection with the body as a means to rejuvenate the spirit.

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Sue Inspiration Compilation

Sue Inspiration Compilation

This is a guest blog from our wonderful Program Co-ordinator, Suzanne. Thank you again Suzanne for your heartfelt wisdom.

My sister made me a compilation CD when I once broke up from a long-term relationship.  I found it the other day and listened to it.  It had been many, many years since I had heard it.  The theme was moving on from toxic relationships, strength, and independence.   My sister wrote on the CD the title “Sue Inspiration” in felt pen. Each of the 17 songs had been carefully chosen – for inspiration value.   Some of the songs included; Independent Women by Destiny’s Child, Beautiful by Christina Aquilera, Survivor by Destiny’s Child, Respect by Aretha Franklin, Don’t Worry Be Happy by Bobby McFerrin and various Pink tunes.

I remember those songs became my anthems as I rebuilt myself and healed.   I did not realise at the time what a small token of support can do for someone facing challenges.  That CD was such a gift of love and hope.  Listening to the songs you could not help but feel stronger and inspired.

It made me also reflect on how amazing humans are at supporting each other.  I then recalled many conversations I have had with people each day who are concerned for a mother, father, sister, brother, son, daughter wife, husband, partner, uncle, aunt, grandchild, grandparent, cousin, work colleague, friend, etc.  They all call searching for information to share with their loved one in the hope there is an answer to help them move through their challenges; which could be illness, depression or some other trauma.   I have seen so many people join our programs because of a caring relative / friend, and their simple gesture to forward on an A4 flyer of information has ultimately changed so many people’s lives.

Can you remember a way you supported a friend or relative in their time of need?

Or what did a friend or relative do to support you to move forward?



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That changed my life – feeling love unconditionally.

That changed my life – feeling love unconditionally.

When I started work at Quest for Life two years ago Petrea said “It would be good for you to sit in on the program”.   So I did. I remember thinking I will be good for me to ‘see what we do’.   I am a self confessed self-help junkie having listened to endless motivational tapes and cd’s, attending seminars and reading endless bookings for the last twenty years.   I really did not expect to get much out of the program other than to see ‘what we do’.

Boy was I wrong!!!   I started listening; the words were all resonating with me.  That’s when emotionally I erupted; it would seem that there were so many emotional issues I had forced down deep inside and not allowed myself to feel.  Sure I was motivated and obsessed with the success principles but my spirit was emotionally malnourished.   I had been on a two year rollercoaster after my dad passed away and I kept pushing the natural grief process away.  I never gave myself time to get over that, I just made myself busy.

That is all it took, the session on emotions and the permission to feel the way I felt, and the tears started to roll out, which even then I felt guilty and embarrassed for displaying. Somehow I continued to listen, hiding behind a tissue.

We had a tea break and a complete stranger walked up to me and said “I think you need a hug”.  That changed my life – feeling love unconditionally.

I came away from that day with some new values – all about me for a change.   I learnt how bad I was about looking after how I was; I seldom took time to do anything for myself.  I learnt about fluffing myself up and recognised people around me who did this were not selfish!   I learnt about my emotions, experiencing them and allowing them.   I learnt about communication, not only with myself but with others.   I turned a corner that day in relation to my dad’s death. I have new meaning for that now and can speak openly without feeling dark, but instead feel a love a connection with him.

So now when I sit at my desk answering calls from people in very challenging places, I honestly say to them, it is a very loving and nurturing place to move through any challenges.   The participants I have seen on the last day are filled with such a confidence and look of inner peace, it is like they have had an internal makeover. This still gives me Goosebumps when I think of the transformations. I still use all the practical tools I learnt and feel blessed for taking time to ‘see what we do’.

If you are interested in a program, I am on the other end of the phone to answer any questions you may have just phone 1300 941 488.

Suzanne x

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Take a Stand for your life

Take a Stand for your life

Every so often, (and especially after we have encountered some life-changing experiences, whether they be illness, job-change, relationship disruptions and the like) it becomes valuable to take some time out to assess what it is that’s important and where you are headed with your life.

Having done that the next thing is to take a stand for those new directions.

Literally to take a stand for life. Your Life. Because if you don’t, no one else is going to, and you run the risk of just being another cork bobbing around on the great ocean of life.

To take such a stand for something involves being willing to take the next step on your own evolutionary journey – this precious journey that is life-long, full of surprises and unexpected events that challenge us to be more creative, more autonomous, more authentic, caring and wise.

It requires navigating and interweaving both the ‘inside work’ and our involvement with the world at large.

Almost by definition it’s the stand that you may have been putting off, avoiding, dancing around or outright denying, and yet, deep in your heart, you know it’s a step that must be taken if you are going to achieve what it is you have set out to do for yourself and your loved ones.

Taking a Stand is most powerful when taken after a period of reflection on three things: your journey so far, what’s important right now, and what will take you towards your goals and thus fulfill your sense of purpose.

It also requires that we develop new skills to overcome the hurdles that may have tripped us up in the past, or to speak some truths or set some boundaries that may have been too difficult to do up until now.

It requires courage and is not always easy… it’s often like trying to get out of the box you feel trapped in when the instructions for getting out are written on the outside of the box!

And yet, with the right reflection, taking time to slow down enough to contact the deeper places of clarity and simplicity inside, clarity does come, and with it, the commitment to step forward. To do this in the company of others who are willing to do what you are doing and in an environment that is both accepting and supportive of your process is a rare opportunity.

Such an opportunity exists on the ‘Take a Stand for Life Program’ being run by Quest for Life starting on March 12th.

You can expect at least two things from attending the Take a Stand Program:
• a powerful step forward along your evolutionary journey, and
• taking away with you a rich bag full of insights, understandings and skills that will support you on that journey right through your precious life.

For details of the March Take a Stand for Life program click here or call us on 1300 941 488.

But don’t delay, the Universe rewards those that are willing to take action. Carpe diem!

And if you’re one of those lovely people who have taken ‘Take a Stand for Life’ in the past and want to share your experiences of the course, please feel free to add your two bob’s worth below.

Thank you.

All the best StJohn
Facilitator of the Take a Stand for Life program.

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Together we create a deep and sacred space in which to grow and learn

Together we create a deep and sacred space in which to grow and learn

As the next Take a Stand for Life program approaches, I am reminded of last year’s program on which I was privileged to participate and support as the counsellor.

As counsellor, I shared many sacred and beautiful moments with people who came to my room to privately share precious parts of their lives.  People were able to reach down into the depths of their souls with safety and peace and I am certain this was only made possible by the beautiful Take a Stand program we were all experiencing together outside of the counselling room.

I love every program that I attend at Quest for Life. Every program is special and every person who attends, just like you, is completely divine and gorgeous.

Take a Stand was a new program to me last year and I was not sure what to expect. Well… I can confidently attest that it was great! I was blown away by the gentle yet powerful effect of this program on the people who attended, including me, and I absolutely loved participating. My week away was  very valuable and a lifelong learning experience.

Together we created a deep and sacred space in which to grow and learn and this was superbly guided by St John (we call him Singe) and Alexia.

It wasn’t just the content, which was superb, it was the community of people who felt safe with our wise and loving facilitators and because of this safety, could open to new understandings about themselves and greater self-acceptance.

There was a deep and moving honouring of each other and each other’s stories.

If you have attended a program at Quest before and would like to extend that learning with a new experience, then I invite you to join with me and come along this year. I will be counselling again and look forward to another incredible program as people take a stand for their lives. This program is a rich and thought provoking treat and I cherished every minute of being there… Hope to see you there this year!

Love to all


Please contact Suzanne on 1300 941 488 for more information

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