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Walking Meditation

Walking Meditation: gets you outside and moving, and reconnects you with your inner self.

I truly enjoy my Walking Meditation, it fulfills two functions, gets me outside and moving, and reconnects me with my inner self.

The following Informal Walking Meditation is very simple and easy to do.

On the Meditate for Life program, one of the many meditation techniques we teach is a form of Walking Meditation, again very simple and easy to do. So, I encourage you to give it a go and enjoy the outdoors whilst attending to your inner self. HAVE FUN.

Alexia Miall


When we are too centered on our own internal dramas, too full of our own subconscious gossip, we become out of touch with the world around us.

Rediscover a sense of awareness by going for a walk.

The act of walking literally establishes contact with the ground, and the constant input of new images helps break up fixed moods, let in fresh air, and diverts attention from a fixation on problems.

This informal walking meditation does not require any particular technique of the body or hands and so can be performed anywhere – in a city street or a park, for example. It simply focuses on maintaining awareness.

1. Select a place in which you feel relatively secure. An unsafe part of town is not the right scene for a walking meditation.

2. First focus yourself, bringing your mind back to your clear intention to remain aware. The purpose of the exercise is to be fully present while you take your walk.

3. As you set off, feel the energy rising up from the ground to the top of your head. Consciously relax your body and mind. Let the motion of walking be easy and natural.

4. Let go of mental chatter, and focus attention on the sights, sounds, smells, and sensations of the environment around you as you walk.

5. When you notice that you have been thinking, come back to the sights and sounds around you. Simply acknowledge that you have been thinking, and return to the immediacy of the present moment.

From The Meditation Year – A Seasonal guide to contemplation, relaxation, and visualization
Jane Hope


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Sitting Like a Mountain

Sitting Like a Mountain

One of the definitions of meditation is having a steady mind, and the aim of meditation is not to identify so closely with thoughts but rather, just to watch them come and go.  In daily life, you usually react to what is happening in the mind.  When you feel happy, you call a friend or write a poem; when you’re feeling down, you might pour a drink or turn on the television.  The discipline of meditation allows you to sit like a mountain with all kinds of weather passing overhead – storms, sun, wind, rain.  Nothing that is thrown up causes a great reaction; you are just aware of the passing weather.  The mountain remains firm and solid and steady, not rocked by the changes that happen all round.  Meditation allows everyone to develop such firmness and dignity.

The Meditation Year
Jane Hope

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