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The cracked bowl with gold infill, reminds me how beautiful we all are.  That is, we all have a history, we all have suffered at some time.  Yet, the beauty of who we are still manages to shine through, no matter what life has thrown at us. An example of how resilient we can be.

When something has suffered damage.....it becomes more beautiful.

When something has suffered damage…..it becomes more beautiful.

“It’s important to know that any emotional damage we face in life is something that can be fixed and mended.
It’s a choice to want to heal those hurts that have made us broken at one point in time.
As we restore ourselves…we emerge with a stronger and more beautiful spirit, ready to take on life once again.
from Read, Love and Learn”

If you have suffered emotional trauma or any life challenging circumstance, now may be the time to take some time for you, rediscover your beauty and create the space for healing. The Healing Your Life Program at Quest for Life helps to do just that. Click here for more information.

Alexia Miall

Alexia Miall

Alexia Miall

Alexia’s career began in banking and then moved via advertising to a major career change in 1980 to Adult and Transformational Education.  She has been privileged to share this incredible journey with 1000’s of like minded souls through her extensive experience as a facilitator, trainer, life coach, therapist, and mentor.  She managed her own training company in Victoria during the 1990’s, and during this time was the Course Leader for a training program from which the Banksia Environmental Foundation formed.

Alexia has acquired further education in Adult Education in Training; Somatic Psychotherapy; Life Coaching; Conflict Resolution; plus Accreditation in many behavioural and culture change models. She is an Associate of EcoSTEPS, a niche Sustainability consultancy, which supports her love of the natural environment.

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